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Barbara Borden, drummer extraordinaire!
Barbara Borden Beat
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Barbara Borden Beat

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Barbara Borden
and the Heartbeats
Lotus Belle-Glover---Drums (left)
Michael Diamond---Guitar
Rob Fordyce---Bass
Julia Harrell---Drums (right)

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Hello Drum Lovers, Curiosity Seekers and Rhythmic Beings

Barbara Borden playing the Djembe.       Welcome to the Home of the Heartbeat, the home of Barbara Borden Beat--otherwise known as BBBeat. You are about to take a journey that will surround you in the sounds, sights, and delights of drumming, beauty, and nature. You will have an opportunity to discover more about the natural rhythms that flow through you, our world and the cosmos. You will be able to find out who Barbara Borden is (otherwise known as BB), what she feels about drumming, what kind of drummer and teacher she is, how she began playing drumset at age ten and became a jazz drummer performing and recording with the all women's band, Alive! Learn about her innovative solo work beginning with She Dares to Drum, an autobiographical "percussion play," followed by her one-woman percussion CD, Beauty in the Beat. On this recording BB plays forty different drums and percussion instruments bringing forth her unmistakable round sound and beauty to each beat. Find out about Barbara Borden, Keeper of the Beat.

Barbara Borden sitting at her drumset.

    For those of you interested in learning more about how to play and find high quality djembe or djun djun drums, hand-held hoop drums or other rhythmic and percussive instruments and/or recordings that teach and inspire, this is the information station for that drumming vibration. You will find guidance and information for beginning drummers, intermediate or professional percussionists, women drummers, men drummers, young drummers, and old drummers. Whether you want to actually play a drum, be a proverbial tapper or clapper, or simply discover how to live in the world as a rhythmic being (or perhaps polyrhythmic being) while being deeply connected to the pulse of life---you have landed at---

a great home base,
the right pulse place,
a real groove garden,
no need to beg your pardon
cause you have come home
to the heart beat…

The Great Heartbeat of Life!


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Peace and blessings on your journey as you enjoy the beauty in every beat.

May the pulse be with you---



Barbara Borden
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